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On the first encounter, the werewolf was shown methodically slaying a Camping Wilderness Is Not A Luxury Shirt large group of town guards and a high-ranking paladin. The characters were around level 5 or so, the NPC was probably CR 12 and would scale as they leveled. They interrupted the combat, and the idea was that they would attempt to fight the werewolf. Who didn’t consider them a threat initially, and so wouldn’t just murder the whole party. See it killing a high-level character, and go “Oh shit, we need to run from it”. While it slaughtered the rest of the guards. So at first, they rush in to help and attack the werewolf, doing little damage. Because they don’t have silver weapons and I gave this particular NPC a regeneration ability only stopped by silver.

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I created an NPC werewolf character that Camping Wilderness Is Not A Luxury Shirt was supposed to be a major villain in the campaign and stalk the players. It was a higher level than the PCs, so the idea was that they would need to flee every encounter and take measures to avoid being followed; having someone on their tail constantly tracking them. That could and would actually kill them was supposed to inject a sense of urgency into the game. I have the werewolf attack one of the players with a secondary bite attack. Which should put them to fairly low health without killing them outright. I describe the werewolf doing so. The rest of the combat continues until the player’s turn.

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