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A man in Texas was sentenced to death for setting his Dibs On The Redhead Shirt house on fire while 3 kids were in it. It happened before the ’00s. The ‘science’ they were using back then to determine arson was not very good, some of it was based on old wive’s tales. When some other investigators looked at the evidence with a more modern understanding of arson. They had significant doubts about the conviction. Despite all the doubts, Gov. Rick Perry moved ahead with the execution. There are allegations that he was involved with stopping any further examination of the case.

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Possibly for political reasons. He would later run for Dibs On The Redhead Shirt president. They found blood when they dismantled the front seat of her car, and took it as evidence that she’d murdered her child in the front seat of her car. Multiple witnesses reported that the car never moved and that she couldn’t have possibly cleaned up the rest of the blood while parked in the middle of the campgrounds. No one saw the baby after they returned from their hike. Witnesses did report hearing a baby cry immediately before they heard Lindy scream about a dingo eating her baby.

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