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You know, in most presidential debates. If Funny Be Nice To The Veterans Santa Is Watching Shirt one candidate just dismissed the death of the other candidate’s son – that would be what was the most talked-about comment in the morning. But it won’t be, because it was such a show that most people will have forgotten this. And in most debates, if one candidate called the President a “racist,” “clown” and told him to “shut up” that would seem out of line – but quite frankly, it was almost too little. I’m just ashamed that we have people in this country who voted for him. Again. The most human part was when trump attacked hunter and Biden said he had a drug problem and he got over it and was proud of him. Honestly, the drug problem in the states is huge and I think this was his most real empathetic moment that people can relate to.

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Did you see Biden’s face Funny Be Nice To The Veterans Santa Is Watching Shirts when he said that? You could see the physical anger well up inside him. And he physically held himself back to try and stay mildly professional. But the anger in his response was still obvious. I mean his tone changed in an instant. I just wish he hadn’t held back. Almost any of the idiotic/malicious things Trump does on a daily basis would dominate the news for weeks. If things were normal and he was a normal president. But his strategy to just keep doing worse and stupider as quickly and outlandishly as possible, one right after another, works in his favor because we simply can’t focus on any one thing to call out by the time we resolved any one thing he did, he would’ve added another dozen to the list. His entire life since 2015 has effectively functioned as one big Gish gallop.

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