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And his supporters will call him Funny I Took My Senior Trip To South Vietnam Shirt Presidential for it. The idiot just admitted on live TV to cheating the tax code. And said people who want to pay their taxes are stupid. Unfortunately, there are no repercussions for that, as has been proven about a hundred thousand times. He defended himself for it immediately after saying he didn’t. I loved how Biden spoke to the American people. That’s the fabric of a real president. This. Trump kept pandering and trying to deter Biden by staying hostile and engaging directly at Joe. Absolute brilliant move from the Biden campaign to make sure he stayed engaged with the audience.

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Trump supporters will of course be Funny I Took My Senior Trip To South Vietnam Shirts pushed farther towards Trump after this. But the voters on the fence should be swayed. I noticed that too! He was well-spoken, looked at the camera. And directed everything he said to the people about them and their families. Trump never looked at the cameras. You could tell he was fuming. And he just kept trying to go off topic every time he opened his mouth! It was so annoying. I really felt for the moderator. His theme was on point. He didn’t condemn republicans and make it partisan. He talked to the American people about coming together. I thought those moments had some good shine, but it’s hard to be eloquent inside a tornado.

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