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My mask while driving between two Funny Mac And Cheese Is Self Care T-Shirt places that require masks. But every style of the mask I’ve tried makes my glasses steam up to the point where it would be so dangerous to drive with it on. So I have to bring multiple masks out sometimes to lessen the contamination. It sucks. I dunno why people get annoyed at others for wearing it in the car. You never know what might be going on in their life. I do wonder about people with glasses wearing masks in the car but I trust that hopefully, they’ve found a way around the steaming up the issue. Edit: I’m not mean and throw fits it just bothers me for some reason. People had good points for why they do and that does make me realize why some.

Funny Mac And Cheese Is Self Care T-Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Sweatshirt, And Hoodie

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Would have had their mask on. When I first Funny Mac And Cheese Is Self Care T-Shirts read this post I laughed because I knew I cared but not to the point of anger like some of these stories. some people have to have a say in everything. Whether it applies to them. I think people find that they need to point out things of others they think are flaws. Instead of worrying about themselves…I bet the people that point out others wearing their masks, while driving, are the people who don’t wear mask unless they have to go into a facility that requires it. That’s what I think I went to a company(the one I work for) car repair shop. The shopkeeper told me you don’t gotta wear that mask the one I wearing and then.

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