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TBF, there’s plenty of Funny Stethoscope Green Bay Packers Shirt of that in D&D already. Just any kingdom ruled by a lich. Or Ravenloft. We’ve had some semi-necrocracies IRL if you’re looking for inspiration. The Inca and Egyptians leap to mind. Baseline dnd already has a few. Barovia is ruled by Strahd, a vampire, and the Githzerai follow a basically dead monk whose psychic power manifests his body is basically useless. Other fiction also has some pretty diverse ones, the Imperium of Man is a great example of how your face can get when the autocrat can’t auto or crat. If you lived on the Alabama side and wanted to buy cigarettes you just walked across town.

Funny Stethoscope Green Bay Packers Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Sweatshirt, And Hoodie

 Stethoscope Green Bay Packers Sweatshirt
Stethoscope Green Bay Packers Tank Top
Tank Top
 Stethoscope Green Bay Packers V Neck
V Neck
 Stethoscope Green Bay Packers Hoodie

Pc: “We’ve killed the BBEG! The lands Funny Stethoscope Green Bay Packers Shirts are free! Peace shall return to the world!” Spend the next 5 sessions explaining the political theory and establishing a new system of governing. Check out the Orzhov Syndicate from Magic the gathering for inspiration. Now I’m imagining a game where the players are stuck trying to navigate some bureaucracy to complete the adventure. “Oh, you want to infiltrate the lich lord’s castle to retrieve the ultimate artifact of annihilation? You’ll need to fill out form 239B in triplicate and have it signed by the local adventurers guild rep who has finally decided to crack down on it.

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