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I’d never put that sort of pressure on my Funny The Pulpy Brunch Characters Shirt kids. So optimistic about their potential to be great human beings and proud to be a parent of Gen Z. Yay, I made it into a statistic. Need a good job? Then you need a degree. Here. Borrow 50K at age 18 for it. Oh. Don’t have a car to get to the job? Welp borrows another 20K. Oh, wait, 20k gives you an entry-level car? Well, borrow money from a car that has been traded in so that the banks can sell it again and the banks can again gain all the interest 2-3 more times as the same car is sold and resold while you lose all the principal.

Funny The Pulpy Brunch Characters Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Sweatshirt, And Hoodie

Funny The Pulpy Brunch Characters Hoodie
Funny The Pulpy Brunch Characters Tank Top
Tank Top
Funny The Pulpy Brunch Characters V-neck
Funny The Pulpy Brunch Characters Sweatshirt

Like to have a Funny The Pulpy Brunch Characters Shirt house? Again, borrow away. When you’re done paying for it after 30 years, it will probably be sold so the banks can have another person borrow more to again pay for the same house you just finished paying off and grab another sucker on the hamster wheel of debt. This is why I want to start a commune. Buy a few acres with a few people. Everyone can put a tiny house or build whatever. Have a communal garden, maybe an outdoor kitchen. In the suburbs, a first-time basic small dated three-bedroom less than 1300 sq ft starts around 400k. But I can go 30 mins into the mountains and 10 acres with a house for the same price.

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Material: 100% cotton
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