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Contributes to the huge disparities Good Feed Me And Tell Me I’m Pretty Shirt between black and white wealth: In 2016, the median American white family had a net worth of $140,000, while the median black family had a net worth of $3,400. “Black homeowners realize lower wealth accumulation, which makes it more difficult to start and invest in businesses and afford college tuition,” the authors write. “By controlling for commonly held causes of price differences including education, lower home quality, and crime, this paper suggests that bias is likely to be a large part of the unexplained devaluation of black neighborhoods.” The study also finds that black home devaluation is a much bigger problem in some cities than others.

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But in Rochester, N.Y., the city with the Good Feed Me And Tell Me I’m Pretty Shirts highest levels of devaluation, the typical home in a majority-black neighborhood is worth 65 percent less than a similar home in a similar white neighborhood. I’ve not read the whole thing yet but what you said at the beginning isn’t anti-trans logic. Because anti-trans believe you are what you are at birth and that transgenders have mental illnesses. So would agree the baby would know something is wrong. The only people that believe that you should be able to raise the baby as the other gender are a handful of people who believe gender is a social construct, but those people aren’t anti-trans, anti-traditional.

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