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Hard to say. It certainly could benefit Happy Count All Legal Votes Shirt cartels if they spent the last couple of years setting up the infrastructure to have a sweeping grip on the legal industry as soon as it passes. Then they could even use their legal weed businesses to launder money for still-criminal enterprises. There’s nothing actually stopping criminal enterprises from engaging in legitimate business and they often do. Yeah, not gonna happen. I’m Mexican, the business will be regulated as fuck to the point were just people with connections/power will be able to get a license. Eh, people can smoke it recreationally without needing a license.

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So it’s not that big of a deal. The main Happy Count All Legal Votes Shirts point is that it harms the cartels at least a little bit. Tempted to say the first licenses will go to cartels’ legitimate business fronts. Whether they beat arms into plowshares is to be seen. The government will be happy once they start paying tax money on it though. It could also help the cartels grow a little and become semi-legitimate. Yeah because that’s what we want. The murderous sadistic cartels to grow and legitimize. It’s just going to be another mafia business like the avocado business in Michoacan. And we do the same things.

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