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The explanation I’ve seen Happy He Lost Get Over It Shirt used before is that the virus that raises the dead makes them so toxic that they don’t decay like normal. If it did it’d be a matter of a week or two for the bulk of the first wave zombies to fall apart. Even less if they’re runners. No healing means their muscles will eventually break down completely and leave them mostly harmless. Most media does tend to ignore that aspect though. The Walking Dead would have been very different with a lot fewer zombies for example. So it’s hard to say if it would be a good strategy or not. Realistically yes it’s an excellent choice to simply dig in where they can’t reach you and wait for the bulk to become crippled by decay before leaving. But the very concept of zombies is decidedly unrealistic.

Happy He Lost Get Over It Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Sweatshirt, And Hoodie

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So it’s quite the gamble if Happy He Lost Get Over It Shirts you have the living dead scratching at your doors. They may just be too toxic for any bacteria to break them down or some bizarre situation may prevent their bodies from breaking down due to users so they could be around for years or decades just fine. I would say once the body starts to decompose you would be ok. I would make sure the teeth are removed as well as blood deposit don’t want it feeding on itself over time .. the best thing to do after is put the body in an industrial furnace. Nice and hot..nothing left. I like how in World War Z, the book, goes into how the virus sort of sterilizes the body. Rather, it kills everything that isn’t zombie flesh, so bacteria, bugs, etc. A phenomenal book would highly recommend it. Has next to nothing in common with the (awful) movie.

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