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And if you think the cartels are going to Happy Morty Smith Kamehameha Kakarick Shirt pay taxes then you haven’t been paying attention. It’s so intrinsically American to want an evil force to slowly transform into a socially acceptable one we can trust rather than destroy it and build institutions you can trust from the ground up. Here we are hoping some of the world’s most violent and evil human beings can become a force for economic good. I mean even legitimate businesses can firebomb opponents’ farms or attempt to pour poison in their irrigation system. they’ll take it up to 20, in fact, they are actually quite involved in the avocado farming business too.

Happy Morty Smith Kamehameha Kakarick Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Sweatshirt, And Hoodie

 Morty Smith Kamehameha Kakarick Sweatshirt- Design By Teeshirtcat.com
Morty Smith Kamehameha Kakarick Tank Top- Design By Teeshirtcat.com
Tank Top
 Morty Smith Kamehameha Kakarick V Neck- Design By Teeshirtcat.com
V Neck
 Morty Smith Kamehameha Kakarick Hoodie- Design By Teeshirtcat.com

That’s what I’ve been thinking. And what’s Happy Morty Smith Kamehameha Kakarick Shirts going to stop the cartels from having a grip on the industry? Still all for legalization, but I don’t see this going well for anyone but the government’s pocket. That’s exactly how it is in the US. Costs $100,000 (probably more) for a dispensary license in California. So, just like the gringos to the north. It’s why decriminalization is better than legalization. Baby steps. How is it better? I can still buy from my regular plug either way so why not make it fully legal? Did you mean to say decriminalization is better than legalization?

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Material: 100% cotton
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