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Someone should have told him being Hot Blessed Grannie Est 2018 Shirt president will mean answering a shit load of hard questions. You should either be able to handle it or not be president. Day one. Day fucking one I KNEW this idiot wouldn’t be able to handle the amount of criticism the president gets. Even if you do the best job possible people will still find arbitrary reasons to hate you. Say what you want about Obama but that shit was like water off a duck to him. If it bothered him, we never saw it. Day one? That shit was apparent long before he even ran for President. This guy has the biggest glass jaw in politics.

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I’m convinced that Trump never Hot Blessed Grannie Est 2018 Shirts wanted to be president. It seems like he hates the job. He just wanted to win the election and have people cheer him at rallies He wanted to come close enough to winning that he could claim victory but that it was stolen from him. In doing that he would have built his brand and massaged his ego. I don’t think that winning was ever the plan. Now winning means staying out of jail so winning is the plan. The irony is, that WAS a fucking softball question. It would have been so easy for him to answer it in a way that makes him look good. Instead, this.

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