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I don’t believe that’s the correct usage of Hot Love Cna Life Snowman Nurse Christmas Shirt of cognitive dissonance, but I get what you’re saying. My sis and her husband’s side of the family are Repubs. My ma sometimes tries to talk about how bad Trump is to her and my sis will get angry and not want to talk about it. Now that I believe is cognitive dissonance, the feeling of discomfort because she knows Trump is no good yet are going to vote for him anyway. They vote Repub because of idealogy. A few years ago we were sitting in the hospital with my brother. It’s all windows and we had an open door.

Hot Love Cna Life Snowman Nurse Christmas Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Sweatshirt, And Hoodie

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A black man walked by who was Hot Love Cna Life Snowman Nurse Christmas Shirts a Dr. or Nurse. My Dad started spouting off about not letting someone like him work there, and he wouldn’t let him touch his body with a 10ft pole. He may have said the N-word. I just remember feeling rage at his ignorance. Both my brother and I told him to stop it. He didn’t care, and shortly left. My father in law became super openly racist literally right after Trump was elected. Came in the house dropping n bombs and said it was okay now that’s Trump’s presidency. We don’t go over there much anymore.

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