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In a just world, this would’ve Nice Buffalo Bills Est 1960 Nation Shirt been over. After Trump told Proud Boys to stand down and stand by. Biden was saying what we were all thinking. Trump was unhinged tonight. To clarify, he’s always unhinged but he was also unhinged tonight. I love it when Biden told him to shut up. Oh man, what a messy night. Well, this episode of Black Mirror was more stressful than I thought. When Biden called him a clown I cheered man. Going after his son for substance abuse issues? Chris Wallace Will, you denounce right-wing white supremacists groups like the Proud Boys?

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Trump. Proud Boys, Nice Buffalo Bills Est 1960 Nation Shirts stand back and stand by. Standby? Seems clear that Trump sees white supremacist groups as arms of his own personal military. How can anyone watch this and think I’m voting for Trump. I said the same thing to myself 4 years ago. Stop the silly about this being a circus or an SNL skit. Those two events have two jokesters. Tonight we have one very serious and strong candidate and one absolute show. It’s our responsibility on social media and in conversation to point that out. Quit getting fake internet points for your take. Trump. Proud Boys, stand back and stand by.

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