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Malaysia – Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai, Nasi Dagang. Throw in Official The Isley Brothers Hustlemvn Shirt Nasi Kerabu as well (naturally blue dyed rice with various chopped herbs, sambal + any protein dish you like). If dessert/tea time – Kuih Lapis (layered sweet treat), Pulut Udang (grilled glutenous rice filled with spicy coconut + dried prawn filling, wrap in banana leaf) n many more. Might not be as exciting as the others, but Swedish meatballs! Authentically eaten with boiled/mashed potatoes, brown/cream sauce, and lingonberries. Polish pierogi are one of my favorite ethnic foods. And not this potato and cheese stuff.

Official The Isley Brothers Hustlemvn Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Sweatshirt, And Hoodie

Official The Isley Brothers Hustlemvn Tank Top
Tank Top
Official The Isley Brothers Hustlemvn V-neck
Official The Isley Brothers Hustlemvn Hoodie
Official The Isley Brothers Hustlemvn Sweatshirt

I’m talking bigos, Mapusa, and sweet ones with Official The Isley Brothers Hustlemvn Shirt cream cheese jam and powdered sugar. Saurkraut and mushroom pierogi are my favorite by far. This is a very nice thing you are trying to make with your husband. Sarmale with Polenta – pickled (or fresh but with sour tomato sauce) cabbage leaves stuffed with pork and rice. This usually goes very well with chili pepper or fresh onion next to it. Kibbe is my favorite Middle Eastern/Lebanese dish. I would describe it as sort of a Lebanese meatloaf. You can prepare it baked, fried, or even raw (never tried but it is very popular).

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