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Furthermore, did they think infected Original It’S About The Cross Shirt wouldn’t travel between Democrat and Republican strongholds? Hey jackass, voters aren’t just going to compare red states with blue states. We can also see how other countries are faring. Not only that, the 1st states hit included a couple of big swing states in MI and OH. They went all out trying to demonize the governor of MI, but she was the only one trying to do something for MI. MA also may be seen as a blue state, but it has a Republican governor, who also criticized the administration. Cuomo got national attention he probably wouldn’t have otherwise got for his honest briefings he didn’t sugarcoat the situation but managed to keep people from panicking at the same time. They were notable because it was a huge contrast to Trump.

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It was a very stupid Original It’S About The Cross Shirts strategy, indeed. Texas, hell the Texas response was absolute. Our governor actively fought against mask orders until the past month. Just to give you an idea of how corrupt our response was, here’s that happened in Dallas that gave our governor fodder up response because we’re a blue city. When we were fully shut down, a political group sprung out of nowhere “woke patriots” and approached a salon owner here. They opened a for legal costs and she took the loan. She reopened her businesses, the city and county spent a solid week citing her and getting her to follow the governor’s orders, she ended up in court and contempt of court, so she was jailed briefly.

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