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A few sessions in, and my barbarian sends me a Stronger Together Hands Heart Shirt text while the party’s setting up camp. The barbarian volunteers to take a watch, and the next morning the rest of the party wakes up to the Barbarian’s new pet, “Brock da Rock”. Brock was a stone with eyes and a mouth crudely carved into him. Brock goes on adventures with the party and mostly forgotten about until a premature fight with that arc’s end boss. The boss wipes the floor with the party, leaving everyone unconscious except the barbarian who has single-digit hp. Not wanting to take, and with the boss in surprisingly worse shape than I expected, I have him taunt the Barbarian and start to fly away.

Stronger Together Hands Heart Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Sweatshirt, And Hoodie

Stronger Together Hands Heart Tank Top
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Not being a Stronger Together Hands Heart Shirt DnD player, but being someone who always enjoys reading people’s stories about it. I confused about the barbarian sending you a text. He couldn’t just announce to the group that he was taking watch? Sorry if this is a stupid question, I’m just really clueless on a lot of the rules and protocols. We later used it and several more we made off of its design to reinforce a village that would soon come under attack. With everyone in the village making clay bricks for two weeks straight we had enough of them to build a wall tall enough to make one of the ways into the town rather protected so we could focus the fighting on the other entrance where we could have more manpower at once. It saved a lot of lives since we weren’t able to be flanked.

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