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Either something is racist, Top Chihuahua Gangster Shirt or is it, or whatever. But saying that anyone who asks a certain question or makes a certain comment is dog-whistling is just an attempt to shut down the conversation. It’s like being canceled for criticizing the treatment of women and people in Islamic countries, just because it attracts alt-right. You have effectively shut down a conversation on an important topic. Especially in the climate we are in now, both sides have a very “dig my heels in and don’t budge. If you give an inch they’ll take a mile” mentality. I believe it’s simply a matter of time.

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I believe in due time (which I imagine Top Chihuahua Gangster Shirts will come with protection and greater social acceptance) that these conversations can be had without initially assuming the worst from others. This why I think especially online it is so volatile, it’s a bunch of strangers and since you don’t know their intent, people default to assuming the worst of others. This is why I see reception to these discussions being very context reliant, heavily dependent on who delivers/guides it. I think it goes beyond biology as well, the way a woman grows up in society vs the way a transgender woman grows up is very different and can affect them greatly.

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