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It also upsets people because, Top Do Or Do Not There Is No Try Shirt as I mentioned in my above post, people get defensive because it’s pointing out a fact that they already know. Many trans people already know their biology is not identical to their cis counterparts as well as socially their experiences differ. It becomes a problem because of those conversations. I mean it’s really all just a back and forth. In my experience the “trans women and is women are different because…” conversation comes up when the ultra-SJW crowds make assertions that are women are the exact same as trans women and acknowledging anything else is offensive. I mean Twitter is a wild breeding ground for the face.

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Gender only exists because Top Do Or Do Not There Is No Try Shirts of duo.. but not to be rude, you are entirely ignoring the group of people who are not and are trans-allies, but still know that there is a difference between trans women and is women – and that is their actual. They have the same gender, but biologically, and factually, they aren’t the same – that is one has a female reproductive system or most of it as well as female hormone dominant and the other doesn’t have a female reproductive system and wasn’t female hormone dominant until the beginning. And it isn’t. That’s only from one perspective. It’s not as if the argument is baseless it’s just ya know fact. Be all means I understand though I just don’t get why saying the truth is wrong.

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