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And yet be treated like a GOD while running for Top Joe Biden Build Back Better Shirt office. The fact that everyone here is saying “this means nothing” is frightening because it’s kind of true. Any other president would be put through the wringer on something like this but not trump because a) his cult will not do anything about it and b) he’s done, way, way, way worse and gotten away with it. Regarding his mansion in Seven Springs*”As a result, he has been able to write off $2.2 million in property taxes since 2014 — even as his 2017 tax law has limited individuals to writing off only $10,000 in property taxes a year.”(*That would be ALL state and local taxes capped at $10,000) So how does a middle-class family in New York?

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That lost significant Top Joe Biden Build Back Better Shirts deductions by the 2017 tax cut feel about Trump writing off his property taxes on a personal residence as a business expense? During his first two years as president, Trump received $73 million from foreign operations, which in addition to his golf properties in Scotland and Ireland included $3 million from the Philippines, $2.3 million from India, and $1 million from Turkey. The president in 2017 paid $145,400 in taxes in India and $156,824 in the Philippines, compared to just $750 in U.S. income taxes. The massive tax cuts for the wealthy, and $73,000,000 from foreign entities… I don’t understand how people can see this as anyway.

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