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The coverup was a really Top-Rated E For Irrelevant Fear Shirt bad job, the journalist in Wuhan leaked plenty of videos anyway. So one good thing came out of trump licking dictator butthole, but he still didn’t take advantage of it? Then Italy got it and everyone was all prayers and sympathies. Actually, even for Italy people on Reddit were saying that it happened because Italians greet each other with a kiss on the cheek. People really went from it’s just Chinese to it’s just Italians to it’s just Europe to it’s just New York. The threads in this subreddit were pretty wild too. When China was building their two relief hospitals. People were somehow convincing themselves that China.

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Or any country somehow isn’t Top-Rated E For Irrelevant Fear Shirts capable of building hospitals in a short amount of time. They had already built similar hospital years prior to SARS-1. I can understand if people questioned the two-week timeline and said No they won’t build it in two weeks, it will take at least a month, sure that would be understandable. But they were saying that the whole project was just a propaganda show and that they brought a whole bunch of excavators to dig dirt solely to make a show out of it, and how such-and-such was wrong with how they were building it and therefore it must not have been real. It was bizarre to see, especially over a country building a hospital.

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