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I feel the brain would Awesome Gnome Nurse Christmas Sweater Shirt decompose first. Unless it’s a parasitic sort of deal, they should be through. Yeah which is one of the main reasons why I lost so much interest in the walking dead show….like it’s been years now, how can there possibly be many zombies wandering around? Depends on the context. Zombies started out as a religious idea. They were Satan’s undead, which is where they get their powers. New zombies are viral, so it would make sense to just let em rot. Then you have to deal with the skeletal apocalypse. That’s how MatPat said The Walking Too Many Seasons was going to end. And it makes sense, get a bunker, get food, a few videogames and just wait. Plus the zombies seemed to deteriorate as the show went on. But none of that matters cause 10 years later they’re still there. On to season 87 woohoo…

Awesome Gnome Nurse Christmas Sweater Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Sweatshirt, And Hoodie

Awesome Gnome Nurse Christmas Sweater Sweatshirt- Design By
Awesome Gnome Nurse Christmas Sweater Tank Top - Design By
Tank Top
Awesome Gnome Nurse Christmas Sweater V Neck - Design By
V Neck
Awesome Gnome Nurse Christmas Sweater Hoodie - Design By

If the zombies are infected Awesome Gnome Nurse Christmas Sweater Shirts and not actually dead, that doesn’t work. I like Max Brooke’s explanation in WWZ, the virus that causes the zombie disease also preserves the body, and fends off decay. Not permanently, but a lot longer than an inactive dead body. Also, the virus is toxic to other animals and lets off a particular odor that is a signal to scavengers to stay away. That’s not just a plot hole, that’s a hole in an entire genre. I’ve always firmly believed that mummies and zombies are the same things (with the latter being just a new take on the former.) The muscle should stiffen and rot to make the zombie mostly immobile pretty quickly if so. Zombies in Florida Summer would probably make it a day at most. If it is magical in nature, all bets are off, some will be thick meaty zombies.

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