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One of my friends studied abroad in the Bia Born To Play Pool Forced To Work Shirt UK (from the US) and didn’t realize pepper spray is illegal there until a British student told her. Most female students at our university in the US carry it everywhere. So it didn’t even occur to her it would be illegal. No clue how she got through the airport with it in the first place. But luckily she was able to dispose of it without getting in trouble. It was illegal some time ago when we went to Canada as well. My friend and I took a road trip from NC up and across the Canadian border and they confiscated our pepper spray. Didn’t get in any sort of trouble, but the guys at the border just explained that yeah. We couldn’t have that over there.

Bia Born To Play Pool Forced To Work Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Sweatshirt, And Hoodie

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Yes, pepper spray is illegal to carry or use on Bia Born To Play Pool Forced To Work Shirt people here unless you are law enforcement. Conversely, bear mace is legal to own, but if you’re caught carrying it on your person. In the middle of a large city, the cops will confiscate it and may find you unless you have a good reason. Germany’s laws are also kinda weird. There are many self-defense weapons that you are allowed to buy (pepper spray, telescope batons, tasers). But not allowed to carry or use in self-defense. You’re only allowed to use them in training exercises. While there are ones you’re allowed to use(cs-gas, normal batons, tactical flashlights). The fact that you’re able to buy weapons that are illegal to use is very confusing.

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