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Basically, take a town on the map, Hot Rated E For Irrelevant Fear T-Shirt enclose it with a wall but make it so you can’t actually enter it unless you use the front gate, that way they can keep it separate from the open map. I was thinking that now those instanced interiors are on the way, some planked up buildings like the houses at Flatwoods could work as camps. The instanced interiors wouldn’t need to have much variety, otherwise, it’d be hell to model every house, but if the Overseer has that overly budgeted instanced monstrosity over Sutton I don’t know why I shouldn’t. But a real hub where players can build their own designed houses and shops just like we do now with the camps cant work. Everyone would.

Hot Rated E For Irrelevant Fear T-Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Sweatshirt, And Hoodie

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Hot Rated E For Irrelevant Fear T-Tank Top - Design By
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To build there and people would need to Hot Rated E For Irrelevant Fear T-Shirts server jump like 50 times before they finally can place their camp/house/shop whatever. IMO, Vault 76 should have some significance in the later stages of the game. I wouldn’t mind seeing some Vault 76 residents as NPCs just like Overseer (hope someday she’d go by her own name, not rank). I can’t really believe that all of the Vault Dwellers are just some mute weirdos using taunts as a form of communication. Could be cool to have not only a hub but some -friendly default faction with their own quests. Ya know now that we have instanced vaults I think it is fun if we can have a little player hub at vault 76 where you could enter the lobby.

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