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“So, just like the gringos to the north”. Nope, it Hot Charlie Freakin’ Morton Atlanta Shirt depends on the province. Ontario…well, yeah. That’s because they love the feeling of being governed good n’ hard in Upper Canada. Most other provinces, working just fine, thanks. Colorado had such potential. In the beginning, you could bring a pound of weed into a dispensary and they would buy it cash on the spot. No reason you can’t just regulate a test for breed/pesticides/mold/etc. to sell it in stores and call it a day. He could be referring to the US because that’s how it works here in Colorado.

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I dunno dude, no province really had Hot Charlie Freakin’ Morton Atlanta Shirts a stellar roll-out honestly. Saskatchewan had a lottery that saw some people win licenses just to wait a year and sell them for a stupid amount of money, BC didn’t even give licenses to already operating dispensaries and had police close them all without having sufficient replacements (I think there was like 1 store in all of Vancouver). I remember that Manitoba’s sucked for some reason too, I think it was too much like Saskatchewan’s. Quebec did ok but wanted to ban people from growing plants. The entire East coast had some weird fuckery too, I remember Newfoundland specifically was called out. Honestly, I think only Alberta did a decent job.

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